Email Built
for Wellness 🍃


Hello, Healthy
Email Habits

Emailio tracks four wellness goals to help you use email less and have more time, priority and focus for the important things in life.

Inbox Zero

End each day with
a clean slate.


No more obsessively checking of email.

Time Spent

Be mindful of how you spend your time.


Stop receiving emails you never read.


Every week Emailio creates a custom
challenge to improve your email habits.

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Email batching

Develop the habit of checking email on a few set times during the day. Outside of these times, focus on deep work.

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Wellness built in

Keep engaged with fun Wellness Challenges. Play sounds from America’s National Parks on the Soundscape. Journal and track your mood.

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Track your Wellness

Track pickups by the minute, see where your time goes, set limits, and get proactive suggestions on how to be better.

Email for the Pros

Digital well-being and Pro features built in.
So you can be great at email and spend less time on it.

Image of Emailio application
Image of Emailio application
Image of Emailio application
Image of Emailio application

Work in Workspaces

One place to organize all of your projects, tasks, notes and files.

made for you

Create your own Swipes. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

Smart Rule Suggestions

Automate your workflow with a tap. Email just became easy.

One-click unsubscribe

Unsubscribe from any email without even opening it.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Do everything 10x faster.

100% private

None of your data leaves your device. Pixel tracking blocking built-in.

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